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Time is some!
Are you ready to save 30% of your time NOW?
Yes, it is possible. Get that time back so that you can focus on scaling your business successfully. 
Yes, I am!
You can do anything and everything in your business
but you don't really want to, do you?
Go on, admit it.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how overwhelmed does your admin to do list make you feel?

Imagine that stage in your business where you have someone that creates a safe, secure and confidential space. So that you can delegate to so that you can do what you started your business for.

That pillar of strength allowing you to focus on what you really want to do.

Our client's success stories
"Platinum VA has assisted me for almost 2 years while I was a project manager in my previous company.

A life saver in so many ways, helping me with managing my calendar and travel, arranging meetings, handling my expenses and resolving many administrative issues that come up during my busy schedule.

I always felt fortunate to have the support."
Adil Emre Dilmen - Principal at Mastercard
"For years I was struggling with the idea of getting an assistant. I didn't know whether it was something I genuinely needed or not until I finally decided to get in touch with Platinum VA. The virtual assistant assigned has been a game changer.

Most importantly she was able to grasp the in-and-outs of my business and services super quick while being extremely responsive. So, whether you're a corporation, freelancer or a start-up I would definitely recommend it, especially considering how affordable it is."
Rayan Bailouni – Producer/Audio Engineer
So let's tell you how this works...
Totally ready for my fantastic EA now!
What's the investment?
Starting price
ONLY $220 per month!
  • Compare this to the average invoice you would raise for your clients. For an investment as low as $220 per month you can focus on delivering your services.
  • More time = more clients = more income
Comparison is natural so have a look
Sign me up. I am IN!
More Success Stories
"I had the pleasure to work with Platinum VA for over 3 years. Extremely reliable, well organized and efficient.

Handled issues very proactively and took a lot of process and logistics effort off my shoulders. Very senior and professional when engaging with my clients. Can strongly recommend."
Dr. Nils Barnickel – Sr Principal, Delta Partners
"Platinum VA are exceptionally efficient. They helped me over the course of roughly 18 months. They are able to anticipate all my support requirements and ensure that my logistics ran like clockwork. This meant handling complex travel itineraries rife with last minute changes. Very responsive and always thoroughly systematic."
Shihab Elborai – Partner, Strategy& (Middle East)
So, who are we?
Founded in 2010 by Warsha Joshi, Platinum VA is a pioneer business concept which has since grown into a market leader in the field of business support consultancy.
We are committed to provide confidential, unique solutions and answer key business needs in this rapidly changing world. With a track record of yielding profitable returns for our partners we are trusted as the business support consultancy of choice.
Every member of the Platinum VA team is special. Our team members are selected after a rigorous screening and assessment.
We hold continuous development programs for the team in line with industry standards. As we hire for fit along with the skills, this means every member of our team integrates into the company culture of transparency and accountability.
Meet some of the people that make this happen
Warsha Joshi
Warsha's superpowers:
Evan Le Clus
Evan's superpowers:
 Finance hero
 System integration
Amanda Schulte
Amanda's superpowers:
 Relationship development
 Product strategy
Tresica Mascarenhas
Tresica's superpowers:
 Marketing insights
This is exactly what I am looking for!
Some more of our client's words
"Platinum VA have provided outstanding services with utmost professionalism and respect. They are always accessible and punctual with great problem-solving attitude and creative mindset. I would highly recommend their services to all companies."
Ahmet Orhon – Artena foods (Zuber, Turkey)
"We have appreciated a great collaboration with Platinum VA for the last seven years.

Close personal connections and stability characterize our experience."
Nicolai Tillisch, Owner - Dual Impact
"My company has been running for almost 10 years and I couldn't have done anything without the support of Platinum VA. They were literally the first partner that I had onboard with my business, back almost 10 years ago.

The outsource PA service has made a huge difference to my business. It's trustworthy, they are credible and I know I have someone I can rely on.

It's removed a whole level of admin from my life, which has allowed me to focus on my actual business."
Reim El Houni - CEO & Founder of Ti22 Films and Dubai on Demand
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