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Top 5 Tasks Law Firms can Outsource to a VLA
Rapid development of information technology has brought the world closer and its continuous innovation allows people to connect better. The surge of outsourcing business support services hinges on this very seamless and constant connection.
Law firms now have the opportunity to outsource repetitive tasks to a Virtual Legal Assistant (VLA). There are several advantages for law firms to hire a virtual legal assistant. Read more here.

So once you have decided to outsource, which tasks are the easiest to be given to a VLA? There are numerous tasks one can consider which are repetitive in nature. We will look at the most popular legal secretarial tasks that law firms can outsource:

1. Email management
Inbox and email management is one of the most common things that could be outsourced to a VLA. This includes interacting with clients and following up on pending tasks via emails. The VLA can organize the inbox with relevant folders and maintain the inbox in an optimum condition.

2. Calendar and Travel management
Managing calendar is another task that can easily be delegated to a VLA. VLAs can schedule client meetings and add the appointments to your calendar. This helps to free-up the valuable time taken to coordinate via back-and-forth emails with the client to find a suitable slot. In case of business travel too, all the necessary arrangements can be organised and the required information can be plugged into the calendar for smooth and hassle-free journey.

3. Documents and Agreement production
Document or an agreement production can get exhaustive depending on the case. Experienced VLAs can take on the responsibility to create such documents for law firms. Scanned documents, or dictated voice messages can be typed, proof-read and reviewed for easy use. Legal documents that need editing, formatting and alignment changes can be outsourced too.

4. Timesheet entry and management
Timesheets become critical for ascertaining billable hours. They need to be filled in accurately each time. This is one easy tasks that can be outsourced to an experienced VLA.

5. Expenses
With constant business travel and client engagement work, consolidating all the expenses and claiming can get time consuming. VLAs can assist with on-time submission of expense claims.
The tasks listed here are just the top 5 tasks. There can be more that the VLA can support law firms with. To hire VLA successfully and to make the partnership work, here are few best practices:
• Identify specific tasks, define them clearly for the VLA before delegating.
• Set goals, share expectations and create a two-way communication once you have delegated the tasks.
• Organise an on-boarding period that can allow VLA to get familiar with your processes and systems.
• Provide training where necessary for tools or specific software unique to your firm.

VLAs can become an extension of your team by investing the time to create a solid foundation for the partnership to flourish.


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