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10 Industries That Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant
It is true that any business out there will benefit from having a VA. They are the one person you can turn to get things done at the click of a button, and when it comes to being productive and profitable that's a valuable thing to have.
To give you plenty of food for thought we're going to take a look at 10 industries out there who can extract amazing value from a VA the moment they hire one.

1. Law Firms & Legal Practices
The one thing that law firms are notorious for is having huge amounts of paperwork to work through in tight timeframes. When you're working all the hours on the clock to get ready for a big case it can be tricky to know who to turn to. You're already demanding superhuman efforts from your juniors and interns, but you simply don't have the time to kick start the hiring process.
This is precisely where a VA comes in. They're exactly what you need to stay on top of your calendar, manage your appointments, and take care of all of the general admin that can fall by the wayside during case prep.

2. Business Consulting
Consulting firms lean on VA support tremendously as they have highly mobile staff that needs support on-the-go for their calendar management and travel management. Having a reliable VA support can not only boost their productivity but also their profitability.

3. Education
If we zoom into large nurseries and schools, they have large administrative departments who take care of repetitive tasks such as answering enquiries about different courses, enrolling students, addressing questions from parents, tours etc.
Education industry certainly could do away with high costs of administrative staff by using a VA service.

4. IT Companies
IT is such a fast moving industry that it's little wonder we're highlighting this as an area where a VA can really excel. By tackling anything from admin support and customer service to website development and social media they'll be able to give you more time and energy to do what you do best.

5. Marketing Companies
Marketing is a skill that can appear easy to those who aren't immersed in the detail that brings it to life. With mountains of research needed to develop and implement a winning strategy it can be hard to know where to begin. Handing over market research to a professional VA is a great way to get to know the target markets your customers want you to understand inside out.

6. Real Estate Agents
Real estate is one of those industries that moves fast, and if you don't keep up with the pace then you're going to get left behind. Having a VA available 24 hours a day to manage viewings and appointments is a great way to ensure you never miss the opportunity to close a sale. If you use them to filter new leads so that you can focus on where the money is then you're sure to notice the difference in your bottom line in no time at all.

7. Hospitals
Hospitals need to maintain huge amounts of patient data and all of it needs to be processed with speed. Technology has resolved the issue in a big way, and adding a VA to manage that can reduce the admin burden even more.

8. HR and Payroll services
One of the areas that needs accuracy and is at the same time most repetitive is the employee payroll. HR also has other areas that can distract a seasoned professional from strategy and development. This industry can certain benefit in the long term by hiring a professional VA.

9. Travel and Tourism
Travel has evolved tremendously. With new concepts of travel like Air BnB, Home Stays, Couch Surfing, there is a rising new trend of coordinating travel, arrival and departure of guests. An efficient VA in the region can be a reliable resource at hand to take care of this seamlessly.

10. Accounting Firms
The large amount of record keeping and data entry need in accountancy makes this an ideal area where a VA can lend a hand. By outsourcing time-consuming and repetitive tasks to someone offsite you can ensure that you and your team have the time you need to devote to more specialist tasks.

VA services can be enlisted in many industries. In the professional services, we believe there is a rising trend to outsource to reliable VAs to improve the efficiency and reliability of the administrative services in organisations.


Author: Amanda Schulte
Amanda heads Operations for the professional Outsource Administrative Services business. She manages a rapidly growing team enabling them to deliver the well-known, Platinum Level Service to large B2B businesses. Amanda is passionate about delivering excellence, building empowered teams and sharing her knowledge in the sector to raise the awareness of professionally managed Virtual Executive Assistance services.
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