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8 Signs You Need a Virtual Executive Assistant
Even the very best leaders in large organisations need a helping hand now and again, whether they're the CEO or a line manager. As a leader, you need to delegate tasks to your team and those of highly administrative nature to an assistant. Trying to do without, when you and your staff have so much on your plate already, can backfire and key things can get missed. But do you need to hire a new full-time employee, with all the time and cost that requires? Quite possibly not. Here are eight signs that your company needs virtual executive administrative (VEA) assistance:

1. Loss of Focus
If you or your staff find that keeping up with daily routine tasks, such as diary management travel schedules and general admin, is resulting in losing your focus on your core job, you should look for a support staff. VEAs provide a number of services, such as admin and calendar management for busy executives.

2. Fire-Fighting
We all know what fire-fighting means in a business, and how futile it can be. It isn't worth anyone's time, no matter their level within the business. Getting some outside help can mean you and your team are able to focus on your core business – and its growth.

3. Training Restrictions
If you're keen to hire someone but have been putting it off because you simply don't have the time or resources to train them, hiring a VEA can be the answer to all your problems. They're already trained in all the tasks you need them for, and are old hat at learning about a client's business quickly and efficiently.

4. All Talk, No Action
If you and your team are constantly, and enthusiastically, bouncing around bright new ideas that never seem to come to fruition, then it's likely because you don't have the resources to make them happen. VEAs offer business support services for law firms, accountancy firms, and much, much more, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

5. Missed Deadlines
You already know this – there's nothing more unprofessional than a missed deadline. And if this goes on to affect your clients, then it's bad news. If you or your staff are missing deadlines, there's a reason. You're too busy and need some help. A seasoned Virtual Executive Assistant, or a Virtual Legal assistant might be just what you're after.

6. Overworked Staff
You and your staff are always going to be at their most productive when you're happy. And what stands in the way of happiness? Being overworked. Give yourself a break and increase your business's productivity by removing the repetitive tasks from your team.

7. Urgency
You need new staff and you need them now. But a new employee will take weeks, if not months, to hire and train up. Do you have that time? Or do you have a project starting now? Hiring an experienced VEA solves that problem.

8. Budgetary Constraints
You know you need help but you just can't afford to hire someone full-time, fronting all the costs that go along with that. A VEA takes up no room in the office, requires no sick pay, and needs no equipment.
Platinum VA is one of the pioneering Virtual Executive Assistance consultancy in the Middle East region. Working with large organisations in the region, we understand the complexities of a matrix organizational structure along with undue administrative work that comes along with wide-scoped job role. Take a look at our past blog post where we have shared about how businesses can save costs by hiring a professional VEA.
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Author: Amanda Schulte
Amanda heads Operations for the professional Outsource Administrative Services business. She manages a rapidly growing team enabling them to deliver the well-known, Platinum Level Service to large B2B businesses. Amanda is passionate about delivering excellence, building empowered teams and sharing her knowledge in the sector to raise the awareness of professionally managed Virtual Executive Assistance services.
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