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Should Corporates hire Virtual Executive Assistants?
Virtual Executive Assistants' (VEAs) for the middle management in Dubai's corporate, especially the consulting world, are fast becoming a preferred choice for companies as the promise of excellent talent coupled with cost saving options provide an opportunity for both employers and professionals. Given the present state of the economy, many large firms are forced to make a number of difficult job cuts in order to keep costs low and in line with their profit margins – leading to increased workloads and shortage in manpower. However, with the advent of new technology and Internet, Virtual Executive Assistants have paved a new trend in the way businesses operate.

While once seen only as a service targeted for and used by small business owners for their flexibility and cost effectiveness, today's VEA service, only one of its kind in the region, gives client companies a perfect balance in confidentiality, choice of administrative tasks, regional experience and the all-important cost-effective solutions.

Virtual Assistants have traditionally fulfilled the roles of, transcription services, data entry, database management, event planning and more to help small business owners and entrepreneurs drive day to day operations.

In contrast, the core focus of a business offering Virtual Executive Assistants (VEA) is corporate level Administrative Assistance with tasks ranging from Calendar Management, Travel Management to recording expenses, helping with presentations, reports, etc., all the solutions designed keeping the busy consultant or corporate executive in mind.

There are many benefits of working with Virtual Executive Assistants (VEA), including:

Save direct costs

Most business owners are surprised to learn that engaging a team of Virtual Executive Assistants is nearly 30% less than hiring full time employees. By working with a VEA, client companies save on the full employment cost as well as saving on technical equipment and office space as the VEA works, well, virtually.

Gain highly skilled talent

Talent hired to take up the roles of Virtual Executive Assistants are highly skilled and mature individuals who carefully selected after a rigorous interview process. These VEAs come with over 5 years of corporate Executive Assistance at a senior level, especially within the GCC. This broad availability of talent minimises the requirement of client companies having to invest in additional training and resources. Due to their broad experience a VEA at this level is able to step up to any challenge businesses may dictate, using the ever-growing technological tools and resources that are within reach.

Save office space

Virtual Executive Assistants work remotely allowing client companies to maximise the available office space without having to use it on non-revenue generating personnel. The advantage client companies have is the fact that these VEA teams are based within the GCC region, bringing with them the crucial 'regional' experience.

Confidential and dependable

Due to the level of clients who use the Virtual Executive Assistants, the VEA business takes extreme to protect the confidentiality. Among the precautions taken are separation of teams working on different clients, binding non-disclosure agreements signed, etc.

Working with a VEA business also ensure that the VEAs are also separated from the client company's in-house administrative pool thereby, keeping 'office politics' to a minimum.

Increase productivity

As each Virtual Executive Assistant is assigned to multiple executives (from the same client company, of course), the time is used most productively. Also, since the reputation and business success depends on the service provided, the service provider constantly strive to keep the productivity and efficiency high with the help of constant training and internal assessments.

Drive business growth

Save your Consultant's or Executive's time and you are helping raise their own productivity, eventually driving your business's growth. A Virtual Executive Assistant can easily save up to 30% of your busy Consultant's time by taking away their administrative tasks off their hands.

Partner with a business whose success is based on YOUR company's success

Management, legal, business consultancies, tech businesses, can all partner with a Virtual Executive Assistants business to provide VEA services to carefully match team members with clients based on skills and personality. The assigned VEA becomes an integral part of the client's operation. In Dubai, this partnership has been bringing about a very high standard of customer service and professionalism.

Author: Warsha Joshi
Warsha spearheads Platinum VA and is responsible for growing the company in the region. Warsha is passionate about improving business productivity for enterprises as well as SMEs. She wears multiple hats and is also a professional Gazelles business Coach enabling companies under USD 5mn to build their growth road map to scaling up.
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