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LITF & LFTP_ The New Mantra at Platinum VA

Looking into the Future and Learning from The Past

As a great mentor once told us, when we drive a car the largest frame we look out of is the windscreen, we are looking ahead, only a small frame is available for us in the rear view mirror to reflect and look back. This analogy holds deep meaning for business and in life too. The windscreen is larger and broader for a reason, you want to grab and pay full attention to opportunities that lie ahead for your business. The rear view is smaller albeit essential as we must grow from the learnings we had in the past and the ones we must not forget.

Few of us at Platinum VA team was reflecting on 2018 and we noticed how pivotal this year has been for us. Platinum VA was founded in 2010 right in the middle of the global meltdown. At the time, a lot of businesses had to lay off staff in the administrative and general operations. It increased the work-load for the remaining few in the company. Senior leaders were struggling to get past the administrative whirlpool and staff on hand were not skilled for managing this.

Platinum VA's CorporateAssist service supported several businesses then, we helped fill the gap and resolve administrative problems. An experienced Virtual Executive team supported the large multinationals and medium-sized firms alike. The vast experience of the founding team along with clear process-driven services ensured that the clients remained happy and Platinum VA also delivered business impact.

Looking at the past, we believe we are in a formidable position today as we started this company right in the middle of the global downturn and grew organically with a proven method and immense experience.

Flash forward to today, 8 years later, we have grown to offer specialized outsourced administrative services to different sectors. LegalAssist offers legal administrative support to law firms and improves their billable hours. EduAssist is an outsourced administration service for schools and education institutions to alleviate school administrators' from repetitive tasks. Personnel Management Consulting supports mid-sized companies with strategic as well as administrative HR Services.

From a humble beginning to where we are now, we are immensely grateful for the journey we have had as a company so far. So was it all a smooth ride? Or was it bumpy along the way?

As Nelson Mandela once said, "I never lose, I either win or learn." Likewise, we have learned from our past experiences too. One key learning we have held close to our company culture is delivering Platinum Level of Service in everything we do. Platinum VA is built on this brand promise to deliver high-quality service to every client.

We are proud of this brand promise and it is possible only with our amazing team that consistently delivers the brand promise. Within the company, we follow former General Electric CEO Jack Welch style of leadership. To quote him, "If we get the right people in the right job, we've won the game". We recognize that as a service-oriented business, our teams are the principal and the most significant assets we have. It is they who inspire, excel, live the spirit of the challenge, all the while delivering that Platinum Level of Service. Our commitment to our team is first and foremost. We believe in helping them reach their full potential, and investment in the continuous development of the team gives us an edge in retaining this excellent talent.

2018 has been a year of raising the bar on our ambitions, one client and one opportunity at a time. We have learned that the best way to make a difference is by doing those things we do the best. By creating value, collaborating and enable our clients to boost the productivity of their business.

We are wrapping this year on a high note and like the windscreen of a car, our goals for 2019 are wider and bigger. We are thrilled to explore and discover with new vigor, connect with new clients and contribute effectively to our target industries, making an impact on their businesses.


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