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  Time is some!
Save time...up to 30% of it!
Most business owners spend too much time on admin tasks.
Reclaim that time so you can focus on your clients.
Yes, save my time NOW!
So, what do you actively want to do in your business?
The goal is to...
- Work on your business
- Find more clients
- Grow your business
The reality in most cases is you...
- Feel overwhelmed because of a disorganised working day
- Leave money on the table by losing track of billable hours
- Face stagnant business growth because of missed opportunities
When you partner with us...
- You free your time so you can use it better
- Your admin associate organises your chaos so you get the right stuff done
- You get a dependable bedrock of support you can rely on to anticipate your next move
- You get our feedback and process driven Platinum Level of Service we are known for
...All this delivered by a CEO level experienced admin associate
...And all this at a fraction of the investment of hiring a full time person
At Platinum VA, we get that each business is unique and we have tailor made solutions to match your specific business needs. Our agile staff are well versed in a number collaboration and business tools.
Our experienced team of virtual assistants and their constant training and enrichment is what sets us apart from the rest! We provide the best virtual assistants in the UAE.


I want to book my FREE consultation NOW
What's the investment?
Starting from ONLY $220 per month!
  • Compare this to the average invoice you would raise for your clients. For an investment as low as $220 per month you can focus on delivering your services.
  • More time = more clients = more income
Comparision is only natural so have a look at where we stand
Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for!
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