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  Time is some!

Thinking about an alternate workforce? A virtual team to support management or an entire department? We have years of experience doing just that!

Save 30% on your administration support by outsourcing your C-level management requirements to our experienced administration associates. In addition to this you will save*:
3 hours per day on calendar management
2 hours per day on travel arrangements 
2 hours per day on expenses submission
3 hours per day on business visa applications
1 hour per day on timesheet data entry
*Based on actual client data
Corporate Support Services
What do you get?
Platinum VA is the preferred business partner for all large-scale companies looking to enhance their productivity through our alternative workforce. Our C-level experienced administrative associates provide corporate teams with business support unrivaled in this region.
Highlights of working with us
  • Our renowned Platinum Level of Service across the engagement
  • Complete confidentially (an NDA and secure systems)
  • Continuous support (vacation, sick days)
  • Best in class UAE based talent with regional industry expertise
  • Seamless integration of the service with your business
  • Maximised efficiency and productivity on client engagements
  • Constant soft skills training for each admin associate
  • Zero overhead employee cost
  • Flexibility & sustainability by relying on a team rather than an individual
We understand that performance and reliability are critical and so we focus extensively on maintaining the most proficient and experienced team of virtual assistants. Our Platinum level of service shines through in all that we do.

At Platinum VA, we care for our clients and provide them with personalised assistance from sign up throughout their journey with us.Your dedicated account manager is always just a phone call away!

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