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The Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated annually on Wednesday of the last full week of April. It is a day to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and other administrative support professionals. This is not just any fancy western holiday and in fact it has been celebrated for decades as an occasion to recognize often unseen and unrecognized contribution made by Administrative assistants.

Let's take a peek in to how this job function evolved in the first place. From the Renaissance period until the late 19th century, men involved in the daily correspondence and the activities supporting the powerful had assumed the title of secretary.

With time, like many titles, the term was applied to many different functions, leading to compound titles to specify different types of secretarial work better, like general secretary or financial secretary. Just the word "secretary" remained in use either as an abbreviation when clear in the context or for relatively modest positions such as administrative assistant of the officer(s) in charge.

In 1870, Sir Issac Pitman, founded a school where students could qualify as shorthand writers to "professional and commercial men". Originally, this school was only for male students.

By the 1880s, with the invention of the typewriter, more women began to enter the field and during the upcoming years, especially since World War I, the role of secretary has been primarily associated with women. By the 1930s, fewer men were working as secretaries.

Post-World War 1, there was a shortage of skilled administrative personnel. In an effort to promote professionalism among United States secretaries, the National Secretaries Association was created in 1942. The association was formed to recognize the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their personal development, and to help attract workers to the administrative field.

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