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So, who are we?
We are Platinum VA. Founded in 2010 and homegrown in the UAE, we now deliver to our clients globally. We believe quality outsourced admin assistance should be available to everyone and because of this, we have become known as a premium player in the industry, recognised as a Great Place to Work
Our local, hand picked talent pool provides our Platinum Level of Service to SME's and large corporates alike. We believe a happy team equals a happy client and this concept has proved itself over the past decade.
Platinum VA was founded by Warsha Joshi, a mentor for small business founders and Co-Creator of Dare To Scale where she runs premium business masterminds for scaling up success.
Let's tell you how this works...
A few words of success...
"...a life saver in so many ways, helping me with managing my calendar and travel, handling my expenses and resolving administrative issues that come up during my busy schedule..."
Adil Emre Dilmen - Principal at Mastercard
"...has been a game changer. So, whether you're a corporation, freelancer or a start-up I would definitely recommend it, especially considering how affordable it is."
Rayan Bailouni – Producer/Audio Engineer
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